“My experience with sharing  my story was amazing, cathartic, and hopefully can help others no matter what degree. The world is filled with information about these diseases and how it attacks our bodies, but not enough information and stories about the reality of how it affects individual lives and the weight both negative and positive it has on us as emotional human beings.”

        - Participant Learan

“I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and Jamie is the first person who asked to hear my story. Most people do not want to know because they are too frightened to take it in. Jamie is a fully present, generous, skilled and attuned listener. She offered me the experience of catharsis and by inviting me to share my story with those currently in treatment, she gave me the chance to be truly effective.

Telling someone who’s in the thick of it that they will survive is potent medicine. Some people say that I am lucky to have survived and to me, that element of randomness is what is frightening. I believe that I survived because I made up my mind and that is a choice that everyone can make. Hearing that my strategy worked will help someone else. Jamie makes that possible."

        -Participant Betsy

Have you been touched or affected by Squirrels Stories? Please let me know.


It was a really great experience and I look forward to listening to other "portraits" as I continue to live and struggle. . . I'm proud to be a part of the project.”

        -Participant Michael

“I love your idea and think people will all really be connected with the stories that are being told.  For me, I liked listening because she said things my brother would not, about treatment etc.  I guess in that moment instead of being sad, I felt a little bit of comfort.”

- Listener Jill who lost her brother to cancer

I have listened to your work and i am amazed by what you are doing. I am in Kenya . . .I listened to one of your clips and I am touched to tears....I have never come across a cancer victim in Kenya or anywhere for that matter but what you have done is.... great and a huge eye opener for me......

I need to let people know what it is that people like you are doing.”

- Listener Jennifer of the Montage Media Institute in Kenya