Hi. My name is Jamie Courville and I collect stories.

I spent well over a decade in the film business wearing one hat or another on projects large and small, including sassily doing continuity for Muppets, editing video art and documentaries and founding a video collective. One day I picked up a minidisc recorder to tape a friend’s life-changing personal story. I was hooked and have never looked back.

I was inspired to create Squirrels Stories after a good friend died of a rare cancer. She once told me that she did not want to return to the ICU for treatment because she felt so lonely in there. I thought she would have found  comfort if she could hear the story of someone in the same boat.


To see more work visit my site here. I am also currently working on a documentary project noting the changes happening to my neighborhood in Brooklyn called Gowanus Current.

If you are looking for a way to get your or your organization’s story out there we should talk. I am available for commissions and story consulting.